hospital-marketing-imperatives-ebook-cover13 Imperatives for Hospital Marketers from 13 Top Experts

This is the time of year when many health systems start
developing their marketing plans for 2016. If you’re one of them, we thought you’d find it useful to know what some of the best marketing minds think are key trends for next year.

We asked more than a dozen healthcare and content marketing experts to tell us what they thought would be the most important imperative for hospital marketers to focus on in the next 12 months. We’ve compiled their responses in this ebook.

These are the topics they chose:

  1. Include family caregivers in your marketing efforts, Ahava Leibtag
  2. Stop shouting and start listening, Dan Hinmon
  3. Embrace the news rules of service, David Meerman Scott
  4. Stop worrying about the next big thing and focus on the basics, Ed Bennett
  5. Prioritize location marketing, Elizabeth Scott
  6. Enable peer-to-peer connections, Erica Ayotta
  7. Evolve your mobile content strategy, Joe Lazauskas
  8. Track beyond the lead to appointments and procedures, Jonathan Catley
  9. How to do hospital courtship marketing, Laura Peterson
  10. Align staff to your brand promise, Mark Shipley
  11. Make mobile a key component of your digital presence, Nicole Denton
  12. More internal, less external, Reed Smith
  13. The content-driven experience mandate, Robert Rose

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