By fall 2021, it’s likely that a majority of the U.S. population will have been vaccinated for COVID-19. A best-case scenario from Deloitte predicts that pent-up demand will quickly boost the travel, recreation and food sectors. That would put a dent in unemployment, but growth will likely continue to be slow over the next five years. No matter what the scenario, however, growth will return, even as “business as usual” takes on a new meaning.

What about demand for healthcare?

During the pandemic, many patients have avoided hospitals and many hospitals have had to curtail—even completely halt at times—elective procedures. Most likely, patients will seek the care they put off in 2020 this year. PwC’s Health Research Institute has three scenarios for healthcare this year:

• Spending grows significantly—up 10%.
• Spending grows about the same as it did from 2014–2019 (and likely would have grown in 2020, had it not been for the pandemic)—up 6%.
• Spending grows, but remains stifled—up 4%.

How can you use content to maximize your organization’s growth potential in 2021? 

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